Ecosystem services are important to a range of Earth's life support systems  from climate to water quality. flowers Agro-ecosystems and forests provide food, fuel, and materials. We focus on measuring ecosystem services using earth observations, ground measurements, and models. Our primary focus is on forests and agro-forestry with a special attention to carbon management and carbon markets. best games for android (Photo: Thai Dipterocarpus, Ryan Libre)te  (phot (


New Award to Work on REDD+ from California Trading Program & US State Dept.

Posted: 12.18.13
GOES and Forestry scientists will work on REDD+ forest carbon projects in Indonesia to support the California regulatory emissions trading program through the Governors Climate and Forest Fund. Work will be done in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, Ministry of Forestry, and National Mapping Agency of Indonesia. The project will develop tools and measurements of carbon in forest biomass to support low carbon forest management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.
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