APN Project: ARCP2009-09NSY-Skole
  Home   Developing Small-holder Agro-forestry Carbon Offset Protocols for Carbon Financial Markets - Twinning sustainable livelihoods and climate mitigation
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Principal Investigator: Dr. David L. Skole

Links     Collaborating Countries: Lao PDR, Thailand, United States of America, Viet Nam

Interim report
Final project report
Article in APN Newsletter (Spring April 2010; Volume 16, Issue 2; pp 16-17)

Small-Holder Teak Carbon Offset Project - Thailand

Project management tool - Carbon2Markets.org (www.carbon2markets.org)
Project Implementation Document submitted to the Chicago Climate Exchange (February 2010)
New Protocol for Biotic Carbon Sequestration in Small Scale Agroforestry in Developing Countries
Standard operating Proceedures Manual

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